Congratulations to Annie Bernier on her recent publication in Nucleic Acids Research!

Congratulations to Annie Bernier (Ph.D. Candidate), who together with our collaborators at the University of Saskatchewan (Dr. Yalena Amador-Cañizares and Dr. Joyce Wilson) published an article this week (ahead of press) in Nucleic Acids Research entitled: “miR-122 does not impact recognition of the HCV genome by innate sensors of RNA but rather protects the 5’ end from the cellular pyrophosphatases, DOM3Z and DUSP11.”

Thomas Zhang Accepted Into Global Health Scholars Program at McGill

Thomas Zhang.jpg

Congratulations to Thomas(Tengyi) Zhang who was accepted into the Global Health Scholars Program at McGill University. Max will pursue summer research in the Sagan lab and will work with Trisha Barnard to investigate strain-specific differences between historical and contemporary Zika virus isolates. Find out more about the Global Health Scholars Program here: